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Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. is a non-profit organization that advocates Asian awareness, empowers women to lead through values-based programs, and forges Everlasting Sisterhood® through diverse, shared experiences. We aim to create an environment for women who searches a "home away from home" at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

Founded in 1998, Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. has grown to 24 undergraduate chapters in 12 states spanning the Southeast, Northeast, and the Midwest. 


This is what our Dedicated Female Leaders have been up to. Follow us on this journey.

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The Sisters of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln DPhiL are proud to announce that we are officially the Upsilon Chapter of Delta Phi Lambda Sorority Inc. 🦋✨

At the 2023 National Convention held in Washington D.C. this past weekend, we were granted full Active Letter Status.

We would like to thank the Timeless Ten Charter Class for bringing our Everlasting Sisterhood here on campus. We would also like to thank the Director of Growth and Development, Karen “Merak!” Nguyen, and our Chapter Advisor, Chau “ASCENXON” Nguyen, on helping guide us throughout our journey. We would like to give a big shoutout to our 2022-2023 Executive Board for their hard work and dedication this past school year. We would like to thank the sisters from each class that have contributed so much to make our chapter what it is today: Alpha (SP 20), Beta (SP 21), Gamma (FA 21), Epsilon (SP 22), and Zeta (FA 22) Classes! We would not be here without you 🫶🏼 Finally, we would like to thank everyone who has supported our journey thus far.

We are so thankful & excited to continue growing our chapter and sisterhood. With the beginning of a new era, we are launching a new logo. We hope to continue to positively impact our sisters and our communities moving forward!

May Our Light Shine Forth🤍

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